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  • Hoogwaardig plaatwerk sinds 1985
  • ISO 9001:2015 gecertificeerd
  • Complete keten in eigen hand
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Thalens PPS engineers and manufactures high quality parts from sheet material, in a wide range of materials. Innovation (by example in laser-welding) and efficiency are key. The role of the customer is critical in this process. Both during the development phase as well as during production the customers wishes are the starting point. Thalens PPS creates unique and well thought-of solutions in sheet-metal. Our flexibility makes sure that no assignment is impossible.

Family-owned company

Originating in 1906 as a state blacksmith, owners Peter and Anneke de Roo toke over the company from it’s first owner in 1985. Soon investments were made in computer controlled (NC) machines. In the mean while the company has evolved to a unique and very high quality sheet-metal supplier. To safeguard the continuity of the company also the 2nd generation is now also actively taking part in managing the company.


To be able to guarantee the quality of the products and to guide our processes, an ERP system (Metal Knowledge Group) has been adopted by the management en workforce of Thalens PPS. By using MKG, which focuses on metal processing businesses, a very large portion (if not all) processes are being managed and secured in one central system. Next to that we make use of standardized working methodology and measurement procedures. Our Quality Management System is audited yearly and complies to the ISO 9001 norm. At this moment in time Thalens PPS is certified to the latest version: ISO 9001:2015.